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From start-ups – to restarts – to mature legacy brands. Collectively, Marketure principals have helped drive transformational growth on over 30 major product lines and generated more than $1B in incremental revenue.

Food & Beverage

  • Nestle
  • General Mills
  • Annie’s Homegrown
  • Foster Farms
  • Peet’s Coffee & Tea
  • Naked Juice
  • Del Monte
  • Starbucks 
  • Detour, Inc
  • Kern’s Nectars
  • Power Bar
  • Hidden Valley Ranch
  • Nakano Foods
  • Quaker Oats
  • Honey Hill Farms
  • Attune
  • Dear North
  • Landec
  • Sunsweet
  • Harmless Harvest

Household Product

  • Procter & Gamble
  • Clorox
  • Oxi-Clean
  • Pine-Sol
  • Kaboom
  • Orange Glo
  • CLR
  • Clorox Wipes
  • 409
  • Tilex
  • Kingsford
  • Seventh Generation

Technology & Services

  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Lifescan (J&J)
  • Stem Save
  • Starkey Technologies

Toys & Collectibles

  • Leap Frog
  • Star Wars
  • Disney
  • Star Trek
  • LucasFilm
  • Master Replicas

Personal Care & Hard Goods

  • Disney Consumer Products
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • ColdHeat

Pet Care

  • Nestle Purina Petcare
  • Big Heart Pet
  • DolceVita
  • Cardinal Laboratories

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"We compete in an emerging service category – banking stem cells recovered from teeth – where consumers are just beginning to grasp our benefit and reason to act. Marketure conducted targeted research and identified insights that informed our brand strategy and helped craft StemSave messaging for both parents (our consumers) and dentists (our business partners)."

Art Greco
CEO and Founder, StemSave Inc.

"Marketure’s work was deep, analytical, clear and actionable. We walked away with a unique, distinguishable consumer segmentation that has guided our company and has been easily transferable to retailers and brokers to explain what makes our company different."

Pat Muldoon
CEO, Detour Inc.

"Marketure has been our "go-to" consultants for new product research and strategy. They provide us with actionable and timely recommendations based upon solid consumer insights They are the perfect blend of strategic "thinkers" and hands-on "doers" and always able to adapt the scope of work to meet our timelines and budget."

Bob Kaake, SVP
Chief Innovation Officer, Annie’s Inc.


"I trust Marketure for recommendations and strategies grounded in marketplace facts and insights. Whether developing a strategic growth roadmap or assisting with sell-in materials for a new product launch, Marketure identifies the relevant insights necessary to drive the business decision."

Sarah Bird, CEO
Bhakti Chai

"I worked with Marketure beginning with a blank sheet of paper. First, we segmented consumers and identified a target. Second, we identified and validated an array of products  and developed a strategic growth roadmap.  Marketure’s approach was so thorough that we have an innovation pipeline of over 20 opportunities and are not looking back."

Anne French,
Principal - Innovation, Landec Inc.