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Real world experience has taught us that initiatives that successfully drive growth in a business can be thought of in three areas - what we refer to as the Marketure Growth Levers.

The Marketure Growth Levers:

Each consultant within Marketure has intensive experience driving business growth through each Growth Lever.

On some occasions, clients come to us to apply our expertise to a pre-identified Growth Lever. More often than not, however, Marketure is engaged to first assess which lever(s) is the smartest way to drive growth in a business.

Brand Development

The strategies and actions to develop, strengthen, and expand your brand proposition in order to motivate customers and grow your business.

  • How can my brand own a Right to Win?
  • What USP (unique selling proposition) will provide a competitive advantage?
  • Is my brand positioning compelling, or should it be repositioned?
  • What does my brand stand for today? What can it represent in the future?
  • Can my brand stretch? If so, how should it stretch?
  • What brand architecture will motivate customers?
  • How do my parent brand and sub-brands work together?
  • What should the roles be so that the brands in my portfolio support each other?

Product Innovation

Strategic, rather than happenstance, the development of a thoughtful and cohesive product roadmap which will delight target customers and give your brand and company a "right to win" in the competitive marketplace.

  • Where are the opportunities in the market?
  • What market spaces should I pursue?
  • What value proposition will motivate buyers?
  • How are the current category or brand customers dissatisfied?
  • What are the priority features and benefits that I must deliver?
  • What features and benefits will "delight" different customer groups?
  • What emerging technologies should be considered? Do any pose a risk?
  • How can we make other products obsolete?
  • Why do our ideas take so long to bring to market? Where do they get stuck?

Market Effectiveness

Identifying the programs and initiatives for your brand to compete and grow most effectively and efficiently in the competitive marketplace.

  • What are the requirements to compete in the category?
  • What channel and product mix will deliver my business goals?
  • What is the value chain for each channel?
  • What are the growth drivers in the category?
  • How do I make my Sales effort more compelling and fact-based?
  • How do I optimize my marketing mix?
  • What organizational support or structure is required?

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